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Susanne Riehemann works at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA. She has comprehensive expertise producing high fidelity virtual terrains for range instrumentation systems at SRI's Geovisualization Center, focusing on all the factors that can affect centimeter-level accuracy, including continental drift. She helped develop the ANSC ontologies and rules, including a virtual terrain ontology and a rule system that automatically calculates the combined errors from the whole terrain data processing history. She developed semi-automated methods for visualizing interdependencies among rules, and scripts for displaying the results of the ANSC SWRL-IQ Tab in a browser. She also helped develop the web services support for the ONISTT/ANSC Analyzer and SWRL Query capabilities, including scripts that control automated semantic and syntactic translation to mediate messages from different communication architectures. She has a PhD in Linguistics from Stanford University.

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