The CO-ODE Project

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The CO-ODE Project

The CO-ODE project aims to build authoring tools and infrastructure that make ontology engineering easier.

Affiliated Plug-ins

This section shows all plug-ins that are affiliated with The CO-ODE Project.

Plug-in(s)Last update
Annotation Search View4 March 2010
Annotation Template View4 March 2010
BeanshellView4 March 2010
Bookmarks2 May 2012
Cardinality View4 March 2010
Change View4 March 2010
Cloud Views4 March 2010
DL Query4 August 2008
Excel Import24 June 2008
Matrix4 March 2010
OBO Tools4 March 2010
OPL Plugin22 November 2007
OWL Lint16 June 2008
OWLDoc7 May 2012
OWLViz4 March 2010
Outline and Existential Tree Views4 March 2010
Protege Wizards24 August 2007
SKOS Editor13 May 2008
Sub Ontology Tab23 April 2008
Taxonomy Cut+Paste23 April 2008

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