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Running a Swing based OSGi runnable on a Mac doesn't seem to work. The splash screen comes up but it then hangs. Messages in the log include the following

 2009-02-04 09:54:41.815 java[32900:10b] [Java CocoaComponent compatibility mode]: Enabled
 2009-02-04 09:54:41.819 java[32900:10b] [Java CocoaComponent compatibility mode]: Setting timeout for SWT to 0.100000

There is a web page that suggests that this bug has already been fixed but I was not able to follow these instructions. In particular I was not able to find the SWT Compatibility libraries on connect.apple.com and updating to the latest java version did not help. Possibly this will work on the intel macs though. I tried a couple of other things to see if I could get around this:

  1. maybe there is some setting on the OSGi runnable that will fix the problem. I tried a couple of things like changing the Java Executable and changing the execution environment but I didn't succeed. I also tried restricting the set of bundles from the target envrionment to a minimum.
  2. I tried Eclipse on Swing (EOS). Seems cool but I found that it hung on the Eclipse splash screen so I don't know if it would help.
  3. I wondered whether using a different OSGi Framework would help. By default, eclipse only comes with Equinox. But Protege 4 will run happily in the Felix and Knopflerfish OSGi distributions. There are instructions on how to setup the felix distribution in eclipse but I didn't manage to get this working. In particular, I could not find the eclipse pluugin that has the FelixInitializer class. I don't know if it would have helped.
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