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Saving Mappings while performing a merge

You can use the "merge" mode in Prompt to create mappings between ontologies. As you are doing the mappings, Prompt "monitors" the correspondences that you create and creates instances of its built-in mapping ontology behind the scenes.

This mapping ontology is part of the prompt distribution and cannot be changed without confusing prompt. Many thanks to Monica Crubezy for providing the ontology. Descriptions of the ontology can be found at

You can perform the merging the way you usually do, but when you hit "Save", an additional project is created <your project name>-mappings.pprj. Note that if you are starting from a new, blank ontology, you should save it *before* doing the merge.

You can "replay" your merge process using the saved mappings file. Just specify it as the optional third argument on the initialization screen. More specifically, you can do the following:

  • create a new project and activate the prompt tab
  • specify the same projects as before as sources for merge
  • specify the saved ..-mappings.pprj project as the third argument
  • watch as Prompt replays all the merges you've done before
  • you can then perform new merging operations. Mappings corresponding to these operations will be added to the mappings project.

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