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Making slot-widgets read-only programmatically

Below is a snippet of code that shows how to make a slot widget from a class form read-only by using the API. The example uses the Newspaper ontology - it will show the form for "Destination Mars" instance of class "Article" and make the "page_number" slot widget read-only.

Cls article = kb.getCls("Article");
Slot pageNo = kb.getSlot("page_number");
Instance inst = kb.getInstance("instance_00044"); // "Destination Mars"
//this is the actual code
ClsWidget clsWidget = prj.getDesignTimeClsWidget(article);
SlotWidget slotWidget = clsWidget.getSlotWidget(pageNo);

The code above changes the form of class Article, so all instances of Article that you will display will have the page_number slot widget read-only.

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