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Topic - Query

FuzzyOWL2 (Fuzzy OWL 2) is a plugin for Protege 4.1 that allows users to edit, save Fuzzy OWL 2 ontologies, and submit queries to the underlying inference engine FuzzyDL.
NoHR (Nova Hybrid Reasoner) is a plug-in for Protégé that allows its users to query knowledge bases composed of an ontology in OWL 2 EL or OWL 2 QL (from version 2.0.0 on) and a set of Reasoning Rules.

Using a top-down reasoning approach, which means that only the part of the ontology and rules that is relevant for the query is actually evaluated, NoHR combines the capabilities of ELK and a dedicated direct translation for OWL 2 EL and OWL 2 QL respectively with the rule engine XSB Prolog to deliver very fast interactive response times.

OntoBase can be connected to any relational database- providing access to data, virtually without any programming
SWRL-IQ wine-properties.png
SWRL-IQ (Semantic Web Rule Language Inference and Query tool) is a plugin for Protege 3.4.x that allows users to edit, save, and submit queries to an underlying inference engine based on XSB Prolog.