Protege 4 Plugin for Oracle Database

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Protege 4 Plugin for Oracle Database

by Oracle


Type Backend
Author(s) Oracle
Last Update Oct, 2015
License Oracle Technology Network Developer License Terms (OTN)
Homepage Protege 4 Plugin for Oracle Database website
For Application
Affiliation not available

The Oracle Spatial and Graph option for Oracle Database 12c now supports Protégé Desktop 4.3.


The Oracle Spatial and Graph option for Oracle Database 12c now supports Protégé Desktop 4.3 with Apache Jena 2.11.1 and Fuseki 1.0.1. More information can be found in the documentation here.

Oracle customers and partners with a support contract can download this from My Oracle Support: Patch id: 20132378. You may also download an evaluation license from the Oracle Technology Network here.

Oracle Spatial and Graph RDF Semantic Graph support for Protégé Desktop 4.3 (also referred to here as support for Protégé) provides the ability to view and edit ontologies in Oracle Database with Protégé Desktop. It implements a plugin that conforms to the Protégé-OWL 4.x plugin architecture, as described in the Protégé 4 Developer Documentation. It replaces the University of Manchester OWLAPI that is distributed with Protégé Desktop 4.3 to enable the support for Protégé.

Installing support for Protégé adds an Oracle menu to the Protégé menu bar. The menu items execute RDF Semantic Graph operations on one or more ontologies of interest stored in the RDF graph store in Oracle Database.

The support for Protégé Desktop 4.3 allows you to:

- Edit classes, object properties, data properties, individuals and annotations.
- Inference with a reasoner from the Reasoner menu, such as HermiT and Fact, and save the inferred ontology to Oracle Database in an RDF model.
- Manage RDF models and virtual models in Oracle Database; models store ontologies, asserted data and entailments.
- Load RDF data into a model in Oracle Database.
- Manage entailments in Oracle Database.
- Import the contents of entire ontologies in other ontologies stored in Oracle Database using Protégé  support for owl:imports.
- Execute SPARQL queries for Oracle Database models containing ontologies, asserted data and entailments, and cancel a long running query.

The Support for Apache Jena is an adapter that provides a feature rich Java-based interface to RDF Semantic Graph that implements the well-known Apache Jena Graph, Model, BulkUpdateHandler, and DatasetGraph APIs. It supports SPARQL 1.1 and Open GeoSpatial Consortium (OGC) GeoSPARQL queries. It runs on Oracle WebLogic Server, as well as Apache Tomcat and JBoss Application Servers. Release supports Apache Jena 2.11.1, Apache Jena Fuseki 1.0.1, Joseki 3.4.4, and Protégé Desktop 4.3. This kit also works with Oracle Database and It includes a SPARQL Gateway for tools that support an XML data source to query an RDF Graph in Oracle Database. More information can be found in the readme and documentation here.

Got questions?

Oracle Spatial and Graph customers may file a service request for this software on My Oracle Support. If you are evaluating this software you may post a question to the Oracle RDF Semantic Graph Forum.