Protege 4.2 Alpha Release Notes

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Protege 4.2 Alpha

Screenshot of the OWL Diff tool - new in Protege 4.2 alpha!

We are pleased to announce Protege 4.2 alpha! The main thrust of the 4.2 series will be the roll out of several new plug-ins, including an ontology difference tool, enhanced explanation support, client-server capabilities, support for code generation, and a database back-end. Please contact us via the Protege 4 mailing list with questions, feedback, and bug reports.

Download Protege 4.2 alpha from the main Protege website (new users, please register first).

Release Notes

The contents of the release notes section describe changes relative to Protege 4.1.

Build 256 -- January 20, 2012

  • The default installation now includes support for executing SPARQL queries from the user interface. Enable the "SPARQL Query Tab" from Window | Tabs, or the "SPARQL Query" view from Window | Views | Ontology views.
  • Made some improvements to the "Ontology annotations" view to more clearly indicate language and type information. Also fixed a problem that caused text overlap.
  • Bundling an updated version of the Apache Felix Framework (version 4.0.1). Previous versions were problematic for Java 7 users. Please note that we don't officially support Java 7 yet.
  • Fixed a problem with the installer that was preventing users from being able to perform silent uninstalls.

Build 249 -- October 4, 2011

  • Bundling initial release of OWL Diff; a new plug-in to calculate the differences between two versions of an ontology. OWL Diff is loosely based on the PROMPT plug-in for Protege 3.x. Please refer to Tim Redmond's YouTube video for an overview of OWL Diff usage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the datatype panel on the entities tab from getting refreshed properly.
  • Fixed a problem involving the selection of classes and individuals.
  • Fixed a problem with selection after an annotation property is refactored (thanks go to András Förhécz for contributing the fix).