Protege 4.1 RC5 Release Notes

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Protege 4.1 Release Candidate 5 -- July 5, 2011

Release Notes

  • Deprecated classes and properties are now shown with the deprecated icon in their respective hierarchy trees.
  • Fixed a problem where the default font for Protege was calculated incorrectly on OS X machines when users changed their rendering preferences.
  • Made the property change editor bigger and gave it a scrollbar to facilitate easier editing of long property chains.
  • Fixed a bug where the reasoner would be out of sync with the ontology, but could not be synchronized by choosing Reasoner | Synchronize reasoner.
  • Resetting Protege preferences from the Welcome screen now prompts the user to restart Protege (so that residual settings present in the JVM don't interfere with a clean reset).
  • The top object/data properties can now be used in the restriction editors.
  • If entity rendering preferences are set to render by qualified name, Protege will now show the long names of entities if no prefix is specified. This allows users to add prefixes until all entities have unambiguous names.
  • Render by label is now the default rendering.


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