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Protege 4.1 rc4

Protege 4.1 Release Candidate 4 -- May 23, 2011

Release Notes

  • Users now have the option to enter raw URLs or prefixed names when creating OWL entities (in any of the entity creation dialogs, check the "Ignore entity creation preferences" check box). We anticipate this will most commonly be used when providing the name of an entity from another ontology that is not imported.
  • Removed the ability to delete topObjectProperty and topDataProperty.
  • Removed the ability to assign property characteristics, e.g., Functional, Inverse Functional, etc., when no properties are selected, which fixed a null pointer exception.
  • The Datatypes view now shows data types for the active ontology and will update its contents when the active ontology is changed.
  • Added the capability for the start of sequential numeric Auto IDs to be saved between Protege sessions (check the "Remember last id between Protege sessions" check box in the Auto ID section of the File | Preferences... New Entities tab).
  • Fixed refresh problems with the Members list on the Individuals tab.


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