Protege 4.1 RC1 Release Notes

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Welcome to Protege splash screen

Protege 4.1 Release Candidate 1 -- April 27, 2011

Release Notes

  • Fixed a problem where some ontologies were slow to load due to internal checks that ontologies could be found at particular URLs.
  • After classifying an inconsistent ontology, Protege now displays a dialog with an experimental explanation facility.
  • Added better language defaults for first time Protege users.
  • Added the ability to reset Protege preferences or check for plug-ins from the "Welcome to Protege" splash screen (available from More actions... | Reset Protege Preferences, More actions... | Check For Plugins).
  • Fixed a problem where dragging a class to itself in the class hierarchy removed the class's parent.
  • Fixed an out of range exception that sometimes occurred when editing class expressions such as equivalent or superclasses of a class.
  • Fixed a refresh problem where the property hierarchy was not getting updated when properties were deleted.


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