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Protege 4.1 Alpha

For Users:
Protege 4.1 alpha is the first Protege release that is fully conformant with OWL 2.0. The OWL 2.0 language specification only recently became a recommendation on October 27, 2009.

Starting with Protege 4.1, it is our intention to utilize Protege's automatic update mechanism to distribute new features and bug fixes. We hope that this will allow us to be more responsive to issues reported on the Protege 4 mailing list, and result in faster progress toward a stable release of Protege 4.1.

We also made some changes to the distribution formats:

  • The OS X community now has the option to download Protege in the application bundle format.
  • The platform-independent installer program was redesigned to be compatible with use on a multi-user operating system. This means that an administrator can install a single read-only copy of Protege on a system that will be used by many users sharing system access.

For Developers:
Protege 4.1 alpha is based on version 3.0.0 of the OWL API, which is the first version of the OWL API that conforms to the OWL 2.0 language specification. Version 3.0.0 has some incompatibilities with previous versions of the the OWL API. As a consequence, plug-ins developed for Protege 4.1 will not be backwards compatible with Protege 4.0.*. We recommend that new development be done against the 4.1 version of Protege as this is the focus of future work.


Release Notes

Build 102 -- March 19, 2010

This build includes a fix for a serious bug with all save dialogs that can cause ontologies to be overwritten. We strongly suggest that all users upgrade to this build.

Also in this build:

  • Fixed the update mechanism so that in the future the type of problem listed above could be fixed with an update.  :)
  • Added some reasoner preferences that allow the user to have fine grained control over what reasoning Protege performs.
  • Corrected some errors in the displayed inferences.
  • Restored the old Mac open and save dialogs.
  • Fixed the shortcut for the performing a classification on the Mac.

Build 100 -- March 4, 2010

Initial alpha release.


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