Protege 3.5 Beta Release Notes

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Protege 3.5 Beta

Screenshot of the SWRLDroolsTab - new in Protege 3.5!

We are pleased to announce Protege 3.5 beta! The main focus of the 3.5 series is the SWRLTab's support of the Drools rule engine, thus providing a completely free and open source solution for executing SWRL rules in Protege-OWL.

Please contact us via one of the Protege 3 mailing lists with questions, feedback, and bug reports.

Download Protege 3.5 beta from the main Protege website (new users, please register first).

Release Notes

The contents of the release notes section describe changes relative to Protege 3.4.8.

Build 649 (beta) -- May 9, 2012

Build 646 (alpha) -- April 23, 2012

  • Minor bug fixes for the SWRLTab.
  • Fixed an issue with the build process that caused some corrupt installer files in the previous build.

Build 644 (alpha) -- April 3, 2012

Minor bug fixes to Jess and Drools OWL 2 RL reasoners.

Build 643 (alpha) -- March 23, 2012

The SWRLTab now supports the Drools rule engine.

A new tab called the SWRLDroolsTab provides a graphical interface for interacting with this implementation. The existing SWRLJessTab is still available. All existing SWRL built-in libraries are supported in the Drools implementation.

Both the Drools and Jess implementations now use a pair of OWL 2 RL-based reasoners for performing inference (read more). These reasoners are also used by the SQWRL query language.

The Java APIs provided by the SWRLTab have changed slightly so users of these APIs will need to update their code. Information on these changes can be found here. The process of building the SWRLTab and its associated rule engines has also changed. The new build process is outlined here.