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This is the start page on how to (automatically) build and test all applications/projects related to Protégé.

Guidance Documents

Infrastructure with all servers and information flow
On the Overview Page

you find

  • some background information describing the rationale for caring about automated builds and testing and for establishing a corresponding infrastructure.
  • an overview chart displaying the entire infrastructure landscape.
  • a short description of all the relevant tools and the rationale for chosing the selected ones
The Administrator Guide (Obsolete) (→ Alex)

describes how to install and operate all the servers, among those:

  • Nexus repository:
  • Hudson Build Sever (build statistics, administration of jobs):
  • Sonar Server (code and architecture metrics, coverage reports and more): (use link from Hudson to Sonar reports instead)
  • Tomcat Server (automated UI testing, not of general interest):
  • SVN-Repository:
The Developer Guide (→ external and Stanford internal)

is the main page for developers. On these pages developers get answers to questions like

  • How do I initially set up my tools to work with one or more of the Protégé projects?
  • New: Please watch video tutorial.
  • How do I write test cases?
  • How do I get the lastest downloads?
The QA & Project Manager Guide (→ Tania, Jennifer, Tim & other)

is the address for everybody interested in the success and quality of builds and code. It gives explanations like

  • How to write/adjust the pom.xml?
  • What do these metrics tell me?
  • What do I have to do in order to add artifacts (e.g. jar-files) to my repository

Contact and further Information

The selection, installation and testing of the infrastructure as well as the initial transistion from traditional ANT-based to Maven based projects was done by Christian Faigle and Christian Johner. Please contact either for questions related to

  • Selection of tools
  • Administration of tools
  • Converting projects to MAVEN
  • Interpretation and adaptation of reports

This page originally was written by Christian Johner, Institute for Healthcare IT.

The Todos (for Christian, Alex)