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Refactor | Rename entities...

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Refactor | Rename entities...


A set of entities can have their URI replaced (or changed) in a single operation by using the rename entities action.

  • Select the menu Refactor | Rename entities...
  • The following dialog appears (see right)
  • Try typing in the find box. All entity URIs in the ontology will be searched for the text entered in here.
  • Commonly, the user wants to replace the entire base with another, so common bases are readily selected using the dropdown.
  • All matching entities are shown in the preview window (with the match highlighted in their URI).
  • Initially, each of these entities is likely to be crossed out, denoting that the replace operation would result in an invalid URI for that entity.
  • Enter a value in the Replace with box (again, the dropdown can be handy for this).
  • Hopefully the result will be valid for all entities - ie none will be crossed out.
  • Individual entities can be removed from the rename operation by simply unticking their box.
  • Press OK

All of the selected entities will now have a different URI.

You can undo the entire operation with a single Edit | Undo.