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ACE View +ACE View is an ontology and rule editor that uses Attempto Controlled English (ACE) in order to create, view and edit OWL 2 ontologies and SWRL rulesets.
AIFB +AIFB (Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods) is an institute at the University of Karlsruhe.
AKSW research group, University of Leipzig +Semantic Web research group at the University of Leipzig.
Advanced Annotation Search +A search function to find entities based on annotation data.
Algernon +Algernon performs forward and backward rule-based processing of frame-based knowledge bases, and efficiently stores and retrieves information in ontologies and knowledge bases.
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt +Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (AAU) is a university located in the Austrian state of Carinthia, a meeting point of three cultures. AAU is Carinthia’s largest academic institution and a hub for the whole of the Alps-Adriatic region in terms of knowledge acquisition, exchange and transfer.
Annotation Search View +A view for searching entity annotations for a string or regular expression match. Can also be used with no string specified, just the annotation URI, for finding deprecated entities, or TODO items.
Annotation Template View +A view that can be configured to show a set of standard annotation fields for every class/property/individual. This makes it quicker to annotate as they are always in the same order, editable inline and easy to navigate.
Axiomé +A free, open-source Protégé-OWL plug-in for SWRL rules elicitation and management.


B2i Healthcare +B2i Healthcare delivers innovative solutions that simplify complex problems in healthcare information exchange.
BNGen +A plug-in to generate a Bayesian Network from an Ontology, loosely based on BNTab and works with the JSMILE API. One of the main goals is to make it easy to use. Development is currently ongoing for the first version to be released.
Bayesian Network Tab (BNTab) +The BNTab plug-in enables users to efficiently generate Bayesian networks based on existing ontologies. The Norsys Netica API is required.
BeanshellView +Some coding doesn't justify setting up an entire Java build environment and/or requires immediate feedback. The Beanshell view allows programmatic access from within Protege for querying and manipulating ontologies, or even interacting with the UI. For more information see the Beanshell website.
BioPortal Import Plugin +The BioPortal Import Plugin allows users to import classes from external ontologies stored in the BioPortal ontology repository. The user can import entire trees of classes with a desired depth and choose which properties to import for each class. This plugin works with Protege 3.x releases, not Protege 4.x.
BioPortal Reference Plugin +The BioPortal Reference Plugin allows the user to insert into the ontology references to external ontologies and terminologies stored in BioPortal.
Bookmarks +Drag and drop classes and properties into the bookmark view to make them accessible at any time.


CHISEL +CHISEL stands for Computer-Human Interaction and Software Engineering lab and includes a group of interdisciplinary researchers with diverse backgrounds based in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria.
Cardinality View +An experimental alternative to the conditions widget that shows restrictions in relation to their cardinality.
Change View +This view provides a very straightforward list of changesets and the axioms that have been added and removed.
ChangeAnalysisTab +The plugin provides different views for exploring the annotation/change ontology associated with a project that uses the Change Management plugin. Changes and annotations can be explored based on authors, ontology terms, and visualized with respect to the life cycle of the project.
Changes Tab +Allows users to track and annotate changes to Protege ontologies.
ClojureTab +USEFUL TOOL FOR KNOWLEDGE PROCESSING IN PROTEGE. The ClojureTab uses the [ Clojure programming language] for simple programming in the Protege environment, on-the-fly debugging, and storing programs in Protege projects. Contains: 1. Integrated development environment for Clojure language ( 2. Protege API for Clojure language 3. Rule engine and Expert system shell rete4frames ( 4. Algorithms visual development environment
Cloud Views +Visualize your ontology as a tag cloud (a set of related tags with corresponding weights).
Collaborative Protege +Collaborative Protege is an extension of the existing Protege system that supports collaborative ontology editing as well as annotation of both ontology components and ontology changes.
CompGuide Editor +CompGuide Editor is a tool used for the acquisition of Computer-Interpretable Guidelines in the CompGuide model for Clinical Practice Guidelines that also allows the editing of previously encoded guidelines. The Editor guides the users throughout the process of guideline encoding and does not require prociency in any programming language.
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