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Instructions on moving your ontology from the WebProtege 1.0 server to the new WebProtege

This page documents the steps for moving an ontology from the WebProtege 1.0 server (currently on: http://wp-obs.stanford.edu) to the new WebProtege server (on http://webprotege.stanford.edu).

  • 1. Download the ontology from the WebProtege 1.0 server by using the Download link from the MyWebProtege tab. The download is only available for OWL ontologies. If your ontology is in a different format (e.g. RDF or Frames), we are happy to provide the file with the latest snapshot of your ontology. Please contact us in this case.

  • 2. Create an account on the new WebProtege server, if you don't have one already, by clicking on the Signup for an Account button in the top right corner of the screen.

  • 3. Upload the OWL file (the one you downloaded in the first step) to the new WebProtege server, after you sign in, by clicking on the button Upload Project.

  • 4. Share your project on the new WebProtege server with your collaborators by clicking on the Share link, after you have open the ontology in the new WebProtege.

This one hour-long webcast shows several of the features of the new WebProtege server, including how to sign up for an account, upload an ontology, share it with the collaborators, edit collaboratively, and download any revision of the ontology.

If you have any questions or need help with moving of your ontology, please contact us.

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Last edited: April 25, 2013