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Instance Selection

by Paulo Gottgtroy


Type Export, Tab Widget
Author(s) Paulo Gottgtroy
Last Update May 25, 2009
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This plug-in adds both navigation and export features to Protege-Frames. It provides a tree view of the knowledge base as well as allows the selection of instances for data preparation and consequent export in several data mining workbench formats such as Weka and text.


Versions & Compatibility

This section lists available versions of Instance Selection.

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If you click on the button below to add a new version of Instance Selection, you will be asked to define a page title for the new version. Please adhere to the naming convention of Instance Selection X.X.X when you define the new page!


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The Instance Selection Tab allows navigation of frames that are directly and indirectly referenced from an instance in a tree structure and the selection of instances for further data preparation to export instance values in different formats for data mining.

There are four main features provided by the plug-in as following:

  • Tree Navivation (an extended version of the InstanceTree tab) - displays instances of classes as a tree while which allows the user to browse and edit the instance using its associated form.
  • Instance Selection - allows an user to select/deselect an instance from the tree for further data preparation. The widget allows navigation to instances "contained" in that instance and highlight its structure and slots in both associated form and data preparation pane.
  • Data preparation - the data preparation pane allows multiple manipulation of instances, slots values and browsing of related knowlegde such as selection of multivalued fields for export.The pane edition is intergrated with the instance form, slot widget, instance tree allowing all edition to be performed in one unique pane and user interface.
  • Instance export - after the selection and preparation of instances the user is able to export and convert the data into several formats in order to be imported by different data mining workbenches such as Weka.

The selection of instances for data preparation is also available through both an extended version of Query Tab and an extended version of TGViz Tab.


The Instance Selection Tab can work with "basic" or "full" installation of Protege 3.x running in JRE 1.5 or higher.

To make sure Protege loads with correct configuration add following line in protege.lax file in the LAX.CLASS.PATH section [C:\Program Files\Protege_3.X].

C:\Program Files\Protege_3.X\plugins\\instance-selection.jar;C:\Program Files\Protege_3.X\plugins\\ostermillerutils_1_06_00.jar;C:\Program Files\Protege_3.X\plugins\\weka.jar.

Extract Instance into Protege plug-ins directory [C:\Program Files\Protege_3.X\plugins].

Zip File Request

 Please, send a message to .


To follow is a screenshot of the Instance Selection tab. The left-most pane displays the class browser, the middle pane shows the instances of the selected class, the right-most top pane shows the instance form for the selected instance, the left-most botton pane shows selected instances, and the right-most botton pane shows the tabular form used for data preparation and export:

Instance Selection Tab screenshot

To follow is a screenshot of the Instalation Selection tab. The left pane displays a "top-level" instance. In this case, the user chose an instance of the Newspaper class. The right pane shows the instance form for the selected instance:

Instance Selection Tab screenshot

To follow is a screenshot of the Instance Selection slot widget. In this case, the user assigned the Instance tree widget to the responsible_for slot, which is a slot of type Instance. The user can then select further slot values to be export, inthis case date hired is an importnat information for the analysis and future data mining exercise:

Instance Selection Slot screenshot

Level of Support

This plug-in is no longer under active development. If you have questions, please, send a message to the development team or you can try posting them to the protege-discussion mailing list, and someone from the community may be able to help you.

The source code for this tab is available under request to .


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