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by John Finnson

Type Tab Widget
Author(s) John Finnson
Last Update June 17, 2009
License not available
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EasyDB is a Protege tab plug-in that allows for easy exporting and importing of a Protege ontology. This plug-in also comes with a relationship viewer which can be used to quickly asses relationships between instances in the ontology.

The ontology is stored using the Jena database storage schema. This was selected for its support of SWRL rules, which all other database storage mechanisms investigated did not support.


Versions & Compatibility

This section lists available versions of EasyDB.

Version Compatible with Dependencies
EasyDB 0.9.0 Protege-OWL 3.3.1

If you click on the button below to add a new version of EasyDB, you will be asked to define a page title for the new version. Please adhere to the naming convention of EasyDB X.X.X when you define the new page!


Version Changes in this version
EasyDB 0.9.0 see page for more details
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