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Script for converting an OWL file to the DB backend

This ant script allows you to convert an OWL file to the database backend (streaming or non-streaming). In the configuration file you have to specify the OWL file to convert, the database connection information, and the conversion mode. The configuration file ( is documented and straightforward to use.

Note You can also make this conversion using the Protege user interface. We have a step by step guide here. However, if for some reason you do not want to make this conversion in the UI (for example, it takes too long and you want to do it over night, etc.), or this is part of a bigger ant script, then you should use this script.

Download the zip archive with the script from here.

To use the OWL to DB conversion script:

  1. Unzip the archive to a directory, e.g. convertOWL-2-db.
  2. Rename to and edit the property values in the file (this is how you specify the input arguments for the conversion).
  3. To run the script, you will need ant. To run, start a console, change to the directory where you unzipped the files (e.g., convertOWL-2-DB) and type ant in the console.

The source code of the converter is available in the SVN repository.

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