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Configuring PROMPT Projects

There are differences in which projects need to be open in Protege and which specified in the Prompt tab, depending on the Prompt mode that you use. Below is the summary of how to specify the source ontologies. Note that in most modes you can specify auxiliary files, for example, the saved mappings to be replayed

When you want to use Prompt:

  • open the project that is in the "open in Protege" category below
  • go to Project | Configure to activate the Prompt tab
  • select the mode you want to use
  • specify the project or projects under the "specify in Prompt" item below.

Compare ontologies

  • Open in Protege: the new version of the ontology
  • Specify in Prompt: the old version of the ontology

Map ontologies

Create a mapping between a source ontology and a target ontology:

  • Open in Protege: the source ontology
  • Specify in Prompt: the target of the ontology

Move frames between included and including project

  • Open in Protege: the including ontology
  • Specify in Prompt: the included of the ontology

Extract a portion of an ontology

  • Open in Protege: an empty ontology into which the subontology will be extracted
  • Specify in Prompt: the ontology to extract the portion from

Merge two ontologies

  • Open in Protege: an empty ontology into which the ontology will be merged
  • Specify in Prompt: the two ontologies to be merged

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