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Adding More Memory to Protege 4

In Progress

Non-OS X Operating Systems

Edit the Protege.lax file with a text editor and change the initial and maximum heap size. Unfortunately you can only do this in bytes so you need to track the number of zeros:

#   -----------------------------------------
#   initial heap size

#   -------------------------------------
#   maximum heap size


Editting the Info.plist

Navigate to the Protege 4 application in the finder and right click on the Protege 4 owl editor application. Select "Show Package Contents".

Show Package Contents

A new finder window will come up and in that window navigate to Contents and edit the Info.plist file in a text editor (alternatively you can use the os x plist editor by double-clicking if it is installed). Near the bottom of this file there are the lines


Modify the -Xmx and (optionally) the -Xms lines to the desired amount of memory


Users with the zip file distribution

Edit the (or for windows users the run.bat) file and modify the -Xmx line:

java ${CMD_OPTIONS} -Xmx800M -Dosgi.clean=true  -jar org.eclipse.osgi.jar
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