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Taxonomy Cut+Paste

by Nick Drummond


Type View
Author(s) Nick Drummond
Last Update April 23, 2008
License GNU Lesser General Public License
Homepage Taxonomy Cut+Paste website
For Application

Provides two quick ways to extract parts of a class hierarchy into text form for papers, presentations, etc.

Versions & Compatibility

This section lists available versions of Taxonomy Cut+Paste.

VersionCompatible withDependencies
Taxonomy Cut+Paste 1.0.2Protege-OWL 4.0Buid 57 or higher (Protege 4)

If you click on the button below to add a new version of Taxonomy Cut+Paste, you will be asked to define a page title for the new version. Please adhere to the naming convention of Taxonomy Cut+Paste X.X.X when you define the new page!


VersionChanges in this version
Taxonomy Cut+Paste 1.0.2see page for more details