Jambalaya 2.6.0

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Jambalaya 2.6.0

Version 2.6.0
Plugin Jambalaya
Last update May 17, 2007
Download Jambalaya 2.6.0
Compatible Protege Version


The following dependencies exist for Jambalaya 2.6.0:

not available


see details on page

Changelog Details

  • Improved the way Jambalaya starts to only load itself when the tab is activated. Jambalaya also now properly disposes itself when the tab is closed.
  • Added a Properties action to the right click menu of nodes and arcs. It displays the Protégé Properties Dialog. You can also double click on an arc to display the same dialog.
  • Change Root ClassesThe root class(es) are displayed at the bottom of the main view in Jambalaya ("Roots: ..."). This will usually be :THING, but this is configurable. You can drag and drop classes onto the Jambalaya quick view buttons to select your working set, or you can click the "Root: ..." button.
  • Added icons to nodes in Jambalaya when in the Above Node label modes.
  • Jambalaya is integrated with Diamond