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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Changelog" with value "Algorithms-20added". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

    • Bookmarks 1.1.4  + (Auto-update activated.)
    • OWLDoc 2.0.0  + (Bug fix for exceptions when clicking Show Source button. Also incorporated code into this project that used to be available as 3rd party libraries from the Ontology Browser project.)
    • OWLViz 4.1.2  + (Bug fix to allow OWLViz to work with Graphviz 2.30)
    • OWLAx 1.5.0  + (Bug fixes)
    • RacerProTG 1.1.10  + (Bugfix: Logging on Windows)
    • Ontology Generation Plugin (DOG4DAG) 3.4.1  + (Bugfix: Switching between BioPortal and EBI OLS for ontology lookup)
    • ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.2  + (Change/annotation tables - The change and
      Change/annotation tables - The change and annotation tables have been modified to use the same styling as the Changes Tab plugin. Progress dialog - I added a Hide button to the progress dialog. Minor fixes - A few minor bug fixes for data loading. Data loading is now synchronous.
      loading. Data loading is now synchronous.)
    • RacerProTG 1.2.0  + (Compatibility with current versions of Protégé and RacerPro server; improvements regarding the communication between editor and reasoner (see new setting options in reasoner menu).)
    • OntoBase 3.4.1  + (Compatible with Protege 3.4 OWL and RDF backend)
    • Bayesian Network Tab (BNTab) 1.1.1  + (Compatible with Protege-OWL 4.1 Build 209 (September 3, 2010))
    • NoHR 2.0.0  + (Complete revamp for performance improvements, new support of the OWL 2 QL profile in addition to OWL 2 EL, and a new rule parser for improved rule edition and querying.)
    • OntoDebug 0.1.9.RC  + (Feature improvements and bug fixes)
    • IRIS Beta Version  + (First release (Beta Version))
    • ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.1  + (First release of the plugin.)
    • OntoGraf 0.0.1  + (First release.)
    • OntoTweet 0.0.1  + (First release.)
    • OWLViz 3.0  + (Fix for edges not showing up when using Graphviz 2.22 or newer.)
    • SOVA 0.8.0  + (Fix for handling anonymous individuals and anonymous content of OWL Object Properties.)
    • SOVA 0.8.1  + (Fixed OWLSubDataPropertyOfAxiom handling and image saving.)
    • ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.8  + (Fixed a bug with the change counts not always adding up correctly in the concept change analysis tab.)
    • ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.3  + (Fixed a bug with the change propagation causing an infinite loop.)
    • Annotation Template View 2.1.0  + (Fixed a problem which caused a method not found exception. Updated the UI to the look and feel of the latest version of Protege.)
    • OntoGraf 1.0.1  + (Fixed a weird generics problem with Java 6.)
    • ClojureTab 1.3  + (Fixed bug in REPL which corrupt REPL output consisting of several lines and other minor bugs. Added example using OpenCalais web service to annotate Euronews articles. Added example how to copy classes and instances from one Protege project to another)
    • JessTab 1.6  + (Fixed lockup issues in Protege-OWL)
    • TGViz 1.4.2  + (Fixed problems where a) plug-in froze sometimes with Java 1.5, and b) didn't work unless project was saved. Also recompiled for use with Java 1.5.)
    • OWLDoc 1.2.1  + (Fixed several problems where the names of saved HTML files would not correspond to the names used in referencing HTML documents.)
    • SOVA 0.8.5  + (Fixed support for Protege 4.3, compiled using java 1.6)
    • HermiT 1.3.6  + (For release notes, please see the readme.txt file in the HermiT JAR file. HermiT JAR file is located in <protege-install-dir>/plugins/org.semanticweb.HermiT.jar.)