OntologyBeanGenerator 4.0

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OntologyBeanGenerator 4.0

Version 4.0
Plugin OntologyBeanGenerator
Last update January 3, 2008
Download OntologyBeanGenerator 4.0
Compatible Protege Version


Important Note

This and earlier versions of the OntologyBeanGenerator plug-in are not compatible with Protege-OWL starting with version 3.4.

If you use Protege-OWL v3.4 or newer please update at least to OntologyBeanGenerator 4.1!

Changes in this version

The main new features of this version are:

  • bean generation for ontologies containing multiple inheritance is implemented (for each Concept there will be an intrface generated and each interface will have a default implementation, which may extend a user defined class if desired)
  • class name clashes when generating code for classes with identical names defined in different (imported) ontologies are eliminated by the use of prefixes in the generated class names for imported classes
  • the plug-in can generate a factory class which can be used to create Java instances of the generated Java classes corresponding to existing instances/individuals in the ontology. This is very useful when creating messages with complex content.

Other improvements:

  • generated code is (mostly) warning free
  • improved generated code examples
  • nicer GUI

This version also contains some bug fixes including:

  • user selection history is properly saved and reloaded
  • etc.

Known issues/Good to know:

  • SWRL rules and classes are treated as system classes and there is no code generated for them


For more information about this plug-in please read the main plug-in page: OntologyBeanGenerator.

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