ELK 0.1.0

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ELK 0.1.0

Version 0.1.0
Plugin ELK
Last update July 19, 2011
Download ELK 0.1.0
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The following dependencies exist for ELK 0.1.0:


See here

ELK 0.1.0 is the very first release of ELK. It still has only limited support for OWL constructs and does not yet implement all reasoning tasks that the OWL API includes. Its main features are:

  • Reasoning tasks: classification and consistency checking
  • Supported OWL constructs: ELH fragment + transitivity (ObjectIntersectionOf, ObjectSomeValuesFrom, SubClassOf, EquivalentClasses, SubObjectPropertyOf, TransitiveObjectProperty)
  • Optional OWL API bindings
  • Protégé plugin (can also be used in Snow Owl)
  • Command line interface
  • Parser for input files in OWL 2 Functional Style Syntax

ELK can be run in all operating systems that support Java 1.5 or above, but early releases do not yet support all features of OWL 2 EL. For further details, please see the online documentation. The ELK reasoner discussion group is available for further discussions.