DataMaster 1.3.1

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DataMaster 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1
Plugin DataMaster
Last update June 24, 2008
Download DataMaster 1.3.1
Compatible Protege Version



The following dependencies exist for DataMaster 1.3.1:


see page for more details

Detailed Changelog

  • namespace generation is corrected (no '?' and '=' are used as part of the generated namespace)
  • DataMaster is using a newly implemented Protege API functionality of selective refresh of tab widgets to avoid annoying reinitialization of the DataMaster plug-in whenever database concepts are imported in a separate ontology (which, on its turn, is imported in the current ontology)


DataMaster plug-in comes with the full installation of Protege 3.x. This section should be used only by those who have a version of Protege installed that is not already containing the DataMaster plug-in or those who want to use a different version of DataMaster than the one they already have.

Note: this and newer versions of the DataMaster plug-in will work only with Protege 3.4 Beta Build #504 or later
Download version 1.3.1 of the DataMaster plug-in using the download link in the top right panel on this page or from the following location:

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