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WebProtégé User Guide

WebProtégé is an open source, lightweight, web-based ontology editor.


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Looking for the user guide of the old WebProtege (release 1.0)? Here it is.

Home Screen

When you open webprotege.stanford.edu in a browser you should see the list of public projects and various links to create an account or sign in (top right).


Other tabs and portlets

WebProtégé has a configurable user interface, and each user can customize the layout and save it for future sessions. The user may choose from a list of existing tabs and add portlets dynamically from the user interface. It is also possible to create a new empty tab and add the needed portlets through drag-n-drop. More information on the layout configuration can be found here.


Further documentation and references on WebProtégé can be found here.

Go back to WebProtégé main page.

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