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Jennifer & Tania's selp-help page for developing WebProtege :)


Checkout, compile, and run WebProtege using Eclipse

Checkout the source code

  1. Open Eclipse and go to the SVN Respository Exploring perspective.
  2. Navigate to the top-level "web-protege-eclipse" directory in the Protege Subversion repository (URL for Protege's SVN is: http://smi-protege.stanford.edu/repos/protege).
  3. Right-click on web-protege-eclipse and choose Checkout...
  4. Choose the following options in the Checkout from SVN dialog:


  5. Click the Finish button.
  6. In the New Project dialog, select Java Project, and click Next.
  7. In the resulting New Java Project dialog, give the project a name and configure the rest of the options roughly as follows (project options can be changed later):
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