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'''5th July 2013:''' [[WebProtegeAdminGuide|WebProtege build 104]] is available. Read more in the [[WebProtegeReleaseNotes|release notes]].
'''20 May 2013:''' [[WebProtegeAdminGuide|WebProtege build 103]] is available. Read more in the [[WebProtegeReleaseNotes|release notes]].  
'''20 May 2013:''' [[WebProtegeAdminGuide|WebProtege build 103]] is available. Read more in the [[WebProtegeReleaseNotes|release notes]].  

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WebProtégé is an open source, lightweight, web-based ontology editor. WebProtégé provides a friendly and highly configurable user interface that can be adapted for the use of domain experts. It has support for form-based editing and full-fledged collaboration.

The new WebProtege with simplified editing and improved collaboration support


5th July 2013: WebProtege build 104 is available. Read more in the release notes.

20 May 2013: WebProtege build 103 is available. Read more in the release notes.

25 April 2013: The new WebProtege is here!

25 April 2013: The final release of WebProtege release 1.0 now available!

10 Oct 2012: WebProtege Webinar

  • See the recorded NCBO webcast on publishing and editing OWL2 and OBO ontologies with the new WebProtege


User's Guide

A short user guide with screencasts and screenshots describing the main user interface elements in WebProtégé.

Download and Install - Administrator's Guide

A step-by-step guide for site administrators who want to download and install WebProtégé.

Developer's Guide

A guide for developers who want to compile and run WebProtégé from an IDE.

About WebProtégé

WebProtégé is being actively developed by the Protégé team at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research.


  • A WebProtege paper describing its architecture, features and use in real-world cases is published in the Semantic Web Journal, and is available here.
  • Several papers describing the use of WebProtégé in real use cases can be found here.

How to cite WebProtégé

T. Tudorache, C.I. Nyulas, N.F. Noy, M.A. Musen. WebProtégé: A Collaborative Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition Tool for the Web, Semantic Web Journal, IOS Press, 2011

Online version available here.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments, please post them on the WebProtégé mailing list.

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