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Topic - Validation

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The plugin provides different views for exploring the annotation/change ontology associated with a project that uses the Change Management plugin. Changes and annotations can be explored based on authors, ontology terms, and visualized with respect to the life cycle of the project.

The ClojureTab uses the Clojure programming language for simple programming in the Protege environment, on-the-fly debugging, and storing programs in Protege projects. Contains: 1. Integrated development environment for Clojure language ( 2. Protege API for Clojure language 3. Rule engine and Expert system shell rete4frames ( 4. Algorithms visual development environment

CompGuide Editor
CompGuide Editor is a tool used for the acquisition of Computer-Interpretable Guidelines in the CompGuide model for Clinical Practice Guidelines that also allows the editing of previously encoded guidelines. The Editor guides the users throughout the process of guideline encoding and does not require prociency in any programming language.
OWL Lint
The OWL Lint framework is designed to be a flexible way to define and run tests against a set of OWL ontologies for quality control, debugging, best practices, and many other purposes.
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The OntoCheck P4 plugin allows to define clean-up checks on a generated owl ontology - e.g. to be stored and carried out before each ontology release. Found test violations can be corrected to foster consistency in entity naming and meta-annotation. Once specified, check-constraints like name patterns can be stored and exchanged for later re-use. The plugin allows the user to specify checks on certain properties of an active ontology (OntoCheck) and allows for improvements (OntoCure) in the areas of

a) Metadata completeness, e.g. via cardinality checks on mandatory and optional annotation properties

b) Naming Conventions, e.g. via lexical analysis and labeling enforcement for representational units (RU) names and IDs.

Thereby this plugin fosters lexical harmonization as e.g. demanded by the OBO Foundry Naming Conventions at

A paper describing OntoChecks functionalities in more detail can be found at

OntoDebug is a free and open-source interactive ontology debugger plugin for Protégé to resolve and repair inconsistent and incoherent ontologies.
The RacerPro Plugin for Protégé offers reasoning functionality to Protégé 4.x. Once installed the plugin downloads a special but free version of the RacerPro inference server (aka "RacerProTG") and adds RacerPro to the "Reasoner" menu.

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