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Accepting and rejecting changes between versions for specific users

There is now a new option for user management in PromptDiff. Suppose you have several users modifying your ontology in multi-user mode. If you enable journaling on the server project before you start making changes and then later invoke Prompt to compare versions, you get a new tab, called "Users" tab in the Prompt view. This tab gives you a summary of all the users that have changed the project since the journaling was enabled, how many classes they've changed, how many of those are conflicts (i.e., more than one user making changes to the same class), etc.

You can then select a user or multiple users and get a list of concepts that the user(s) changed and a separate list of concepts in conflict from that user(s). You can select concepts in those lists and accept/reject changes. Thus, for instance, you can select a user John, see that he has no conflicts, select all the concepts that he changed and do a single "Accept" or "Reject" for all of them. You can do the same for multiple users, accept only some concepts, etc.

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