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Application Developer and Data Administrator with 20+ years of experience in mainframe (IBM s/390), client/server (Microsoft VB.Net, SQL Server and Windows Server), internet/intranet (Microsoft ASP.Net, Oracle APEX, PHP/CodeIgniter/MySQL) and cloud computing technologies (Google App Engine/Python). During these years had the opportunity to play all the roles usually found in a traditional (and not so traditional) development environment: junior and senior computer programmer, programming team supervisor, technical support leader (help-desk), project manager (small to medium size projects), database designer (MER) and IT consultant. In the present time is involved with a R&D project for a brazilian utiliy using these new semantic tools and technologies: Protégé, RDF/OWL, RDF triplestores, SPARQL, Apache JENA and Oracle Semantics. Lives with family in Campinas, SP, Brazil.