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Experienced professional integrating business, finance, risk and technology. Current interest enterprise information architecture, semantic technology and creation of an interpretation/meaning layer on top of/separate to the data/content layer. Following FIBO initiative and considering long term implications.

I have over 20 years experience of successfully introducing changes in culture, organization and process. Managing information effectively to drive value creation has been a constant theme in my work throughout my career. This has brought consistency in a series of roles spanning the business/ICT divide in a wide range of organizations. I have a strong track record in achieving complementary business and technology architectures during periods of change (mergers. de-mergers and re-positioning/re-launching of businesses).

Key current interests are the challenges presented by the evolution of physical and virtual supply chains, and the implications for B2B and B2C networks. These raise concerns over current operating models, cost profiles, profitability and the nature of competition in the context of multi-enterprise networks/communities.

Specialties: CHANGE, Strategy Implementation, Organization & Process management. Finance, Operations, Risk, Banking, Logistics, Aerospace. Enterprise, Information, Application, Service & Technology architecture. Risk Management.