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Edmond Jajaga is a teaching asistant at computer engineering department at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Prishtina. From 2011 he is a PhD student in the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies (CST) in the South East European University (SEEU) in Tetova. He has finished his Master studies in CST of SEEU in 2010, while the undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Mathematical Natural Sciences (FMNS) of State University of Tetova in 2008. In 2012 he has won the prize “Young scientist of the year” from the professional commission, organized by the Youth Islamic Forum of Macedonia. Edmond is also actively engaged as a web developer in SEEU eLearning Centre for development of the learning management system Libri ( He has worked as a database administrator for 4 years in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia – Secretariat for legislation. Edmond is from Debar and lives with his wife in Skopje. Teaching Edmond is asisting in teaching at the University of Prishtina at the course of “Programming language” from 2012. He also has assited in teaching at the State University of Tetova IT Department at the following courses: “Programming I”, “E-bussines”, “IT skills”, “Informatics II”, Kompjuteri dhe media” dhe lëndën “Sinjalet dhe sistemet”. Te gjitha materialet mësimore ai i ka te publikuar ne ueb.

Research Fields Edmond’s research fields include: Semantic Web, programming languages, databases, and parallel processing.


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Projects Edmond is actively engaged in a research and development project named “INWATERSENSE: Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks for Monitoring Surface Water Quality” supported by the EU office in Kosovo.