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Currently I am working in the nether-region known as operations application development in a large pharmacy company. By "nether-region" I mean that area of application development that is outside the normal IT department processes, is not enterprise-level, is directed specifically toward day-to-day operational applications and includes a healthy dose of "wearer of all hats" in execution. I develop applications for an end-user base of about 350 people in a highly secured environment.

I spent about 4 years before this building an HR department for a small company that ran fund-raising campaigns for nonprofits.

Before that, 30 years as a classical ballet dancer, teacher and school director. An interesting part of my life and one that taught invaluable lessons. Especially in problem solving.

Grew up in a small southern California beach town in the 60's and 70's surfing, skiing (snow and water), riding dirt bikes and generally raising hell. Since my early 20's I've been mostly based in the east (as Californians would call it) or in what they call the mid-west in New York. Go figure, another example of the perspective setting the perception.