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  • General
  • WebProtege
    • Complete UI scripting for iCAT and finish automatic build and testing of WebProtege
    • distinguish SNAPSHOT and release in terms of getting latest or defined dependencies.
    • Tanias machine (/usr/locasl/icat-files/src/icat-maven): Maven runs out of diskspace, increase memory for Maven. /usr/locasl/icat-files/src/icat-maven (Alex: user access right). User right problem?
  • Other
    • Copy plugin: instruction,with Tim: properties are overwritten, before war is actually is build


  • Christian, please add this line to your ~/.bashrc: umask u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rx. thanks Alex
  • SVN checkout problem in project project.editor.application: files are not check-out plugin.xml, Update of svn-externals and Hudson solved the issued.
  • pom.xml: Make configurable: GWT-compile only of certain modules and of the html file. (e.g. webprotege.html). Relevant web pages added to QaGuide.
  • pom.xml: reduce size of war. the lib folder is cleaned, the svn is updated. Now only the libs defined in pom.xml are part of the war. Can be further reduced with <provided>true></provided>
  • pom.xml: folder webprotege (generated by GWT with ugly files): all *.rpc files have to be copied one level up (same level as webprotege),


The tasks are ordered in the sequence of importance

  1. Synchronize times on different servers (especially SVN and bmir-husdson1), e.g. by using a time server/service (
  2. Setup X-Server and care about "export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0"
  3. have all servers running as service
    • Hudson
    • Sonar
    • Nexus
    • Tomcat (and have it restarted on a daily basis)
    • Selenium
  4. MediaWiki