Setting Heap Size

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Setting Heap Size

There are several ways of setting the heap size depending on how you run Protege.

Start Protege by Protege.exe/Protege or by double-cliking on the Protege icon (Windows/Linux)

If you start Protege on a Windows/Linux machine by double clicking on the Protege.exe/Protege or the Protege icon, you need to update the Protege.lax file.

You can do this in the Protege UI, in the File -> Preferences menu -> Protege.lax file. Update the second column of the row containing Click on OK. Please note that the changes take effect the next time you start Protege. Below is a screenshot of the Protege.lax panel.


Alternatively, you can also edit directly the Protege.lax file in a text editor. Edit the following line in the Protege.lax file in the Protege installation directory: By default the Protege.lax file specifies a heap of 100MB.

Start Protege by double-clicking on the Protege icon (Mac)

If you run Protege on a Mac by double clicking an icon, you need to edit the Info.plist file that is hidden within that icon. Right click the icon (or ^-click for one button mouses) and click "show package contents". A new finder window will come up. Double click "Contents" and then "Info.plist". Traverse down the tree as follows: "Root" --> "Java" --> "VMOptions". In VMOptions edit the -Xmx line to indicate the correct memory usage.

Start Protege by double-clicking on the applescript file (Mac)

If you run Protege on a Mac by double clicking the applescript file then you need to modify the -Xmx line in the script.

Start Protege from the command line

If you run Protege from the java command line then you need to pass in the heap size with the -Xmx command line switch. Example, if you want to run Protege with 500 MB of heap size, you would specify: