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|PluginType=Tab Widget
|PluginType=Tab Widget
|DeveloperID1=Martin O'Connor
|DeveloperID1=Martin O'Connor
|LastUpdated=July 06, 2007
|LastUpdated=July 6, 2007
|Affiliation1=Stanford Medical Informatics|Description=An extension to Protege-OWL that supports editing and execution of SWRL rules.}}
|Affiliation1=Stanford Medical Informatics
|Description=An extension to Protege-OWL that supports editing and execution of SWRL rules.
<div style="display:block; float:left; width:100%;">
<div style="display:block; float:left; width:100%;">

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by Martin O'Connor

Type Tab Widget
Author(s) Martin O'Connor
Last Update July 6, 2007
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An extension to Protege-OWL that supports editing and execution of SWRL rules.

Versions & Compatibility

This section lists available versions of SWRLTab.

No version information available.

If you click on the button below to add a new version of SWRLTab, you will be asked to define a page title for the new version. Please adhere to the naming convention of SWRLTab X.X.X when you define the new page!


No version information available.

More Information

The SWRLTab is a development environment for working with SWRL rules in Protege-OWL. It supports the editing and execution of SWRL rules. It also provides mechanisms to allow interoperation with a variety of rule engines and the incorporation of user-defined libraries of methods that can be used in rules. Several libraries are provided. These libraries include collections of mathematical, string, and temporal operators, in addition to operators than can be used to effectively turn SWRL into a query language.

A introduction to the SWRL language can be found here. An explanation on how SWRL can be used as a query language can be found here.

The SWRLTab has several software components:

  • SWRL Editor: The editor supports editing and saving of SWRL rules in an OWL ontology. See the SWRL Editor FAQ for more details.
  • SWRL Bridge: The bridge provides the infrastructure necessary to incorporate rule engines into Protege-OWL to execute SWRL rules. See the SWRL Rule Engine Bridge FAQ for more details. The hope is that bridges for other rule engines will be developed by the Protege-OWL community and than an array of inference mechanism will become available for executing SWRL rules.
  • SWRL Jess Bridge: A bridge for the Jess rule engine is provided in the Protege-OWL distribution. A user interface called the SWRLJessTab is also provided to interact with this bridge.
  • SWRL Built-in Bridge: SWRL built-ins are user-defined predicates that can be used in SWRL rules. The SWRLTab has a subcomponent called the built-in bridge that provides a mechanism to define Java implementations of SWRL built-ins. These implementations can then be dynamically loaded by the bridge and invoked from a rule engine.
  • SWRL Built-in Libraries: A number of built-in libraries are provided by the SWRLTab. These include an implementation of the core SWRL built-ins defined in the SWRL Submission and built-ins for querying OWL ontologies. The libraries are documented here.
  • SWRL Query Tab: The query tab provides a graphical interface to display the results of SWRL rules that contain query built-ins. It is documented here.
  • SWRL Query API: This API provides a JDBC-like Java interface to retrieve the result of SWRL rules containing query built-ins. It is documented here.
  • SWRL Factory: The factory provides high-level Java APIs that support the creation and modification of SWRL rules in an OWL ontology. This API can be used by developers who wish to work with SWRL rules in their applications. See the SWRL Factory FAQ for more details.

The SWRLTab is designed to work in Protege-OWL only. However, partial interoperation with Jena is also supported. See here for details.


The SWRLTab should be visible for all OWL knowledge bases that import the SWRL ontology. It is disabled by default if the loaded knowledge base does not import this file.

To activate the SWRLTab in a project that does not include this ontology, go to Project | Configure in the Protege-OWL GUI and check the "SWRLTab" box. The tab will then appear. The user can then navigate to this tab, whereupon they will be given the option to import the SWRL ontology.




The SWRLTab is part of Protege-OWL and does not need to be downloaded separately. It has been available since version 3.1 of Protege. However, since many of the SWRLTab components are under active development, the most recent Protege-OWL beta build should be used when possible.

The Protege-OWL distribution does not include any rule engines. If a particular rule engine is used, it must be installed separately. At present, only the Jess rule engine is supported. Information on installing Jess is described here.

Source Code

The SWRLTab is open source and all of its source code is bundled with the Protege-OWL source code. This source code is available for download from the Protege-OWL Subversion Repository.

How can I get help?

Questions and comments on the SWRLTab should be sent to the Protege-OWL mailing list (protege-owl at lists dot stanford dot edu). This list is monitored by the developers of the SWRLTab.