SKOS Editor 1.0.3

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SKOS Editor 1.0.3

Version 1.0.3
Plugin SKOS Editor
Last update January 6, 2009
Download SKOS Editor 1.0.3
Compatible Protege Version


The following dependencies exist for SKOS Editor 1.0.3:


- Updated to use new 20081001 SKOS-DL namespace and semantics - New SKOS preferences (See Protege Preferences menu) Allows you to set the order and language of label rendering - Automatic notification and update of new SKOSEd versions - All views are now sorted - Additional asserted and inferred views in the Views menu ( NOTE Some of the views have been re-factored, if you have used a previous version of SKOSEd and you get the error message "Can't load plugin", select the "Reset selected Tab to the default state" option in the 'Tabs' menu