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Protege Server Administration

This page describes the administration of the Protege server. Included topics are:

  • User guide for the Protege Server Administration user interface
  • Starting and shutting down server projects
  • Killing other users' sessions

This page is part of the Protege client-server tutorial.

The Server Admin user interface

The Server Admin user interface allows the control of the Protege server in a user-friendly way. A user with the appropriate permissions (see the Policy section in the server configuration page can start or stop server projects for maintenance without shutting down the server, she may kill other users' sessions (e.g., zombie sessions), or may shut down the server. The Server Admin user interface provides also useful statistics about the server work load.

The user interface is composed of three tabs:

  • Projects Tab
  • Sessions Tab
  • Server Control Tab

The Server Admin inferface can be started in the Server login panel by selecting the Administer server check box as shown in the figure below.

AdminServer login.png

Stopping and starting server projects

The Projects tab provides information about the available projects on the server.

ServerAdmin Projects.png

Read more about the Protege multi-user support in the Protege client-server tutorial.