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Protege Client/Server

by Stanford Medical Informatics

Last Update: 07/06/2007
Current Version: {{{CurrentVersion}}}
Homepage: Protege Client/Server Website

Protege Client/Server is ...

Plugins for Protege Client-Server

This section lists available plugins for Protege Client/Server and their associated topics.

PluginAssociated topics
BioPortal Reference PluginBiomedical Informatics
Changes TabProject Management
Collaborative ProtegeProject Management
HTML ChatVisualization
Project Management
PROMPTProject Management
Queries and Export TabSearch
RDB2ONTProject Management
... further results

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Versions of Protege Client-Server

This section lists versions of Protege Client/Server with associated changelogs.

VersionChangelogRelease date
Protege Client-Server 3.5see page for more details24 April 2013
Protege Client-Server 3.4.8see page for more details12 January 2012
Protege Client-Server 3.4.7Release notes15 July 2011
Protege Client-Server 3.4.6Release notes25 April 2011
Protege Client-Server 3.4.5Release notes11 March 2011
Protege Client-Server 3.4.4Release notes8 March 2010
Protege Client-Server 3.4.3Release notes3 February 2010
Protege Client-Server 3.4.2Release notes16 December 2009
Protege Client-Server 3.4.1http://mailman.stanford.edu/pipermail/protege-users/2009/000031.html18 June 2009
Protege Client-Server 3.4http://protege.stanford.edu/protege/3.4/webnotes/ReleaseNotes.html21 April 2008
Protege Client-Server 3.3.1http://mailman.stanford.edu/pipermail/protege-users/2007/000015.html24 August 2007

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