Protege 4.1 Beta Release Notes

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Protege 4.1 Beta


We strongly recommend that users of the 4.0.* series of Protege upgrade to this latest 4.1 beta release. The Protege 4.0.2 release does not provide complete support for the OWL 2 language specification.

-- Protege 4.1 beta is fully conformant with the OWL 2.0 language specification, which is a W3C recommendation as of October 27, 2009.

-- Protege 4.1 beta has an automatic update mechanism for distributing new features and bug fixes. This mechanism allows us to be more responsive to issues reported on the Protege 4 mailing list, and will result in faster progress toward a formal release.

-- We've expanded and improved upon Protege's distribution formats:

    -- The OS X community now has the option to download Protege in the application bundle format.
    -- The platform-independent installer program is redesigned for use on multi-user operating systems. Administrators can install a single, read-only copy of Protege on systems with many users sharing system access.


Protege 4.1 beta is based on version 3.0.0 of the OWL API (first version of the OWL API conformant with the OWL 2.0 language specification). Version 3.0.0 has some incompatibilities with previous versions of the the OWL API. Consequenctly, plug-ins developed for Protege 4.1 will not be backwards compatible with Protege 4.0.*. We strongly recommend that new development be done against the 4.1 version of Protege as this is the focus of future work.

Release Notes

The contents of the release notes section describe changes relative to Protege 4.0.2 and Protege 4.1 alpha.

Build 200 -- June xx, 2010

  • Users now have more control over the ontology repository mechanism (XML Catalog). In order to grant more user control, we had to rename ontology repositories from catalog.xml to catalog-v001.xml. All automatic updates of this file by Protege, e.g., scans of directories to determine possible imports, are now optional.
  • The OntoGraf visualization plug-in is now bundled with the default installation. OntoGraf is accessible as a tab via the Tabs menu, or as a view via the Views | Class views menu. Thanks go to Sean Falconer for this contribution.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the list of active ontologies to be incomplete in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented SWRL built-ins with variable numbers of arguments from being used.
  • Assertions that an individual has a certain type can now be deleted from the class description panel for said type.
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases caused a case-insensitive search to be case-sensitive.
  • Fixed a problem with the platform independent installer that caused empty program groups on Windows 7.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the uninstaller from working properly on 64-bit Windows 7 machines.
  • Modified the platform independent installer program to add a new item to the program group on Windows called "Protege (advanced start)". Clicking on this program group item will launch Protege using the "run.bat" file in the root directory of the Protege installation.