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Protege Desktop User Documentation

This page is the official documentation home for the Protege Desktop application, versions 4.x and higher.

Build status & release notes

The latest version of Protege Desktop is 5.0 beta:

You may also download previous versions of Protege and read the complete list of release notes.

Bugs & feature requests

Before you report a bug or feature request, check the lists below to ensure it hasn't already been reported. If the item is not currently open or you have further information or a question about an existing item, please post a message on the protege-user mailing list. Give as much detail as possible (including examples or ontologies if possible) as this will help us track things down more quickly.

Current GitHub issue tracker:

Old GForge bug and feature request trackers (no longer in active use):

Frequently asked questions

We've put together a wiki page to answer the most commonly asked questions about Protege Desktop.

Getting started / tutorials

Editor features

Advanced features

Further setup / configuration


Finding plug-ins

  • From build 104 P4 will find plugins and updates for you. See our Auto Update page.
  • Plugins for Protege 4.x OWL editor - the list of "Compatible Plugins" on this page is the result of a semantic query that gathers all plug-ins that have declared themselves compatible with the 4.x version of the Protege-OWL editor.
  • CO-ODE Protege 4.x Plugins - the CO-ODE group at the University of Manchester is the biggest contributor of plug-ins to the Protege-OWL editor. This is a good place to go to download early releases and source code for CO-ODE developed plug-ins.

Advertising plug-ins

If you have developed a plug-in for Protege-OWL 4.x and you would like to contribute it to the community, please see contributing plugins.


Please see this page for details on how you can contribute.