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Protege Desktop 5.x Developer Documentation

This page is a top-level entry point for all developer documentation related to the Protege Desktop application, versions 5.0 and above.

Accessing source code

Protege Desktop is open source and the code is freely available on GitHub. Use the following Git command to get a local copy:

git clone protege

The source code for many Protege Desktop plug-ins has also been made available on GitHub under the Protege Project organization.

Building from source

Details the steps necessary to download the Protege Desktop source code, and build a distribution from those sources.

To follow this step-by-step guide, you must have Maven and Git installed.

Once the build completes, a usable Protege Desktop installation will have been created in:


Use the run.bat or scripts to launch Protege Desktop.

Building with Eclipse and other IDEs

We would welcome contributions from the community for setting up development environments other than Eclipse.