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Protege Axiom Annotations

This page applies to Protege versions 4, 5 and newer.

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Axiom Annotations

In OWL1.0 we can annotate any named thing (ontologies, classes, properties etc).

In OWL2.0 we are allowed more control over annotations which can also be added to arbitrary axioms - eg subClassOf(A, B).

Viewing/Editing Axiom Annotations in Protege

Protege currently has two straightforward ways to view and edit axiom annotations. The main purpose of these straightforward implementations is just to make this feature of OWL2.0 available to Protege users at this time, but we would be interested in feedback about more advanced visualisations.

There are two ways to view/edit axiom annotations in Protege. Both use the familiar annotations view interface, so should be straightforward to use.

Axiom annotations button


Visible in all Protege lists (such as the class description view). This pops up a dialog that allows annotations to be added to the row that was selected.

When annotations exist on a particular axiom (row) the button is modified so that it is easy to scan.


Of course, annotations are themselves axioms so using this interface it is possible to annotate the axiom annotations.

I'm up for some feedback on the icons.

Axiom Annotations View


Available in View | Misc Views. This looks exactly like the other annotations views, but follows the selection of axioms in the other views.

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