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Protege 3 User Documentation

This page contains a collection of links to Protege documentation for end users of the Protege 3.x series. This Wiki page is not exhaustive. Users should also check the documentation section of the Protege Web site for Protege-related documentation.

Protege 3 status

The most recent version in the Protege 3 series is the 3.5 release (build 663) from April 24, 2013.

To help you decide whether to update, please refer to our complete list of release notes for prior versions of Protege.

General (applicable to Frames and OWL)

Documentation links in this section are applicable to all flavors of the Protege 3.x series, e.g., Protege-Frames, Protege-OWL, etc.


Collaborative Protege & Protege Client-Server


  • WebProtege - a lightweight, web-based ontology browser and editor with collaboration support.


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