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- This property is used to associate a changelog with a specific version of a plug-in.

- The type of this property is String.

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ChangeAnalsysisTab 0.0.9 +Loading bug - Fixed a bug with the progress window no longer displaying when the plugin is first loaded. ICD specific - Added some ICD specific options to generate statistics in HTML.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.1 +First release of the plugin.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.3 +Fixed a bug with the change propagation causing an infinite loop.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.4 +Added a new filtering feature to the concept change analysis view. Changes can be filtered by authors and date ranges.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.5 +Added a filter for displaying only concept's that have been modified by a certain number of authors.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.6 +In all charts, you can now change how the data gets mapped to the time axis. You can choose to plot the data based on days, weeks, months and years. Each dimension of time gives you a different perspective on the change set.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.7 +Tabs order changed - I moved the concept change view to be the first tab as I think this is the most useful view. Refresh - I added a "Change analysis" menu, which has a refresh option for refreshing the loaded changes.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.0.8 +Fixed a bug with the change counts not always adding up correctly in the concept change analysis tab.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.1.0 +Added a new view for displaying the author dependencies based on their changes and notes.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.1.1 +Updated the changes tree table to show the entity.  +
ChangeAnalysisTab 0.1.2 +Minor bug fix.  +
Changes Tab 1.0 +no release notes were maintained for this version  +
ClojureTab +Algorithms added  +
ClojureTab 1.2 +Added a slot plug-in of type "ClojureActionButton" transforming ordinary Protege forms into active GUI forms for Clojure processing.  +
ClojureTab 1.3 +Fixed bug in REPL which corrupt REPL output consisting of several lines and other minor bugs. Added example using OpenCalais web service to annotate Euronews articles. Added example how to copy classes and instances from one Protege project to another  +
ClojureTab 1.4 +Added support for Clojure protocols, types, and records. Simplified installation and addition of third-party JAR files.  +
Cloud Views 1.0.8 +see page for more details  +
Cloud Views 1.1.1 +see page for more details  +


DL Query 1.0 +  +
DL Query 1.1.0 +Recompiled to work with Protege 4.1 alpha release  +
DL-Learner 0.1 +see page for more details  +
DL-Learner 0.5 +see page for more details  +
DL-Learner 0.5.1 +see page for more details  +
DL-Learner 0.5.2 +see page for more details  +
DL-Learner 0.6 +See for change log.  +
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