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Removing an Included Project

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Removing an included project removes that project and any included projects it may have.

  1. Select Manage Included Projects from the Project menu. The current project, and its included projects, if any, will be shown in a project hierarchy.

  2. Highlight the project you want to remove.

  3. Click the Remove Project (projects_project.remove) button, at the top right of the Manage Included Projects dialog box.

  4. To remove additional projects, repeat steps 2-3.

  5. Click OK. You will see a warning:

    save/reload warning dialog
  6. Click OK to remove the project. You will see a number of warnings. Classes that were included from the project; any classes you created subordinate to those classes will still appear as subclasses of :UNDEFINED. For example:

    • Let's say you have a project A.

    • Then, you include project B in project A.

    • From project B, you get a class called X.

    • In project A, you make a bunch of subclasses of X.

    • Then, you remove project B from project A.

    • Protege keeps all the subclasses of X that were created in project A, but they are now subclasses of a class called :UNDEFINED, because when you removed included project B, you lost class X.